IJI Publication is a scientific journal published by Unit Publikasi Ilmiah Perkumpulan Intelektual Madani Indonesia with the following focus:

  • Social and Political Sciences with a scope includes: Culture & Social Anthropology, Political Science, Cultural & Media Studies, Gender Studies, Population, Social Development, Rural Sociology, Policy Studies, Development Studies, Government Studies, Development Economics, Resource Economics, Public Finance , Innovation Management, Organizational Management, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Business Administration, Management & Entrepreneurship, Public Relations, Development Communication, Communication Management, Media & Communication, Environmental Management, Environmental & Urban Studies, Agrarian & Land Law, Law Business, International Law, Health Law, Public Law, Public Policy, Social Welfare, Transportation.

  • Humanities Education and Sciences with the scope includes: History, Linguistics, Indonesian Linguistics, Indonesian Language & Culture, Literature, Literary & Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature Studies, Education.

  • Information Technology with the scope includes: Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Information Systems, Information Systems & Technology, Information Technology.